Industry Develops Solutions to Address Demand for In-Building Connectivity

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The demand for in-building connectivity is growing each day as people use their mobile devices for everything from basic voice to streaming movies, and an increasing number of devices, appliances and applications rely on wireless networks to work. Both the Internet of Things and mobile edge computing — or on-premise services — ensure a return on investment for in-building infrastructure deployments.

Carriers understand the need to improve in-building coverage as one of the highest priorities in improving their networks. But it is a cost and resource challenge for each carrier to expand their coverage to every building that they would like to cover.

Customers and tenants in buildings and commercial venues demand greater and more reliable mobile capacity. At the same time, mobile network operators are re-evaluating the requirement to fund and risk the buildout of DAS and in-building digital infrastructure. This transition requires new thinking, new approaches and new solutions from all stakeholders in the in-building ecosystem — property owners, integrators, technology vendors and carriers.

Multi-carrier solutions present an answer for neutral host networks, building owners and carriers. Virtualized small cell solutions have become available that can face the challenge of addressing the economic and multi-carrier requirements of the small and medium size venues.

One of the challenges for the industry is to meet the needs of enterprise decision-makers with the best tool for their unique case. A variety of options are emerging or available for in-building deployments, including Citizens Band Radio Service, private enterprise network solutions, WiFi, LTE, DAS and small cells. Choosing the right option requires providers to understand the changes in the enterprise market, especially the “middleprise,” and the best methods to win customers in a highly fractured marketplace.

Speakers from American TowerExteNet SystemsVoltserverGraybarCommScopeZenFi NetworksCheytec CommunicationsZinWave and V-Comm will examine these topics and more during sessions dedicated to connected property at Connectivity Expo, May 21–24 in Charlotte.

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