HetNet Forum to moderate roundtable on DAS, small cells at TIA event

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The HetNet Forum is moderating a roundtable discussion at TIA's Network of the Future conference on June 4 in Dallas. Here's TIA's description of the discussion: When an FCC Commissioner tweets, “What does the future of wireless look like? Think small cells, DAS, HetNets, and fiber backhaul,” the ICT industry is probably doing a collective double-take! HetNets have hit the big time. The driving need for seamless and ubiquitous wireless service is increasingly addressed by low-power solutions that get the user closer to the base station and limit the number of users per cell. These distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cells make up the landscape for the “heterogeneous network” or HetNet. The investments required for installation, equipment, configuration, power, and cabling are considerable. The outlook for HetNets is pointing to some very interesting trends. Panelists confirmed thus far are from AT&T, Tarana Wireless, Henkels & McCoy Networks, Ericsson and ExteNet Systems. Look for more up-to-date information here.

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