HetNet Forum, iGR publish white paper "In-Building Cellular: From Amenity to Necessity"

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The HetNet Forum and iGR have published a new white paper on "In-Building Cellular: From Amenity to Necessity." Building upon primary research from iGR, the white paper addresses the need to add mobility to your checklist when deciding where to live or lease space in a venue.

As the world marches ever closer to ubiquitous wireless (Wi-Fi and cellular) coverage, people expect nearly perfect voice and data access wherever they are, regardless of whether that expectation is reasonable. In short, people expect connectivity in the basement of a commercial building as well as on the 15th floor of a high-rise apartment. Adding "excellent cellular service" to the list of a building's attractions draws attention to the unconscious expectation of "service everywhere" and can mean the difference in a venue's vacancy rate. It's time to add mobility to your checklist!

You can read the complete report here


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