Day 2 of DAS In Action: Atlanta, Off to a great start

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ATLANTA--DAS In Action: Atlanta is off to a great start! We doubled attendence records for the event, evidence of the momentum the deployment of Distributed Antenna Systems as an integral part of the nation's heterogeneous networks. DAS In Action: Atlanta, is organized by The DAS Forum, a membership body of PCIA that is the only industry-produced event focused on DAS. More than that, however, The DAS Forum is committed to the entire DAS ecosystem throughout the year, especially on regulatory efforts, as opposed to for-profit events. Yesterday's panels were outstanding. Verizon Wireless' Scott Semone talked about his company's technical demands for attaching to a DAS to the VZW wireless network. Semone said the same standards the nation's wireless operator used for the macrocellular network are now being applied to DAS. The day was capped off by a tour of the DAS at the Georgia Aquarium, the world's largest aquarium. Connectivity Wireless, CommScope and AT&T talked about the complications of deploying a DAS in a marine-life environment. Penguins walking to the vet's office took priority over construction workers. Dolphins are light sleepers, so no construction take place when they were snoozing. Fun and informative! Thanks to all day's panelists and to our sponsors and exhibitors! --Tracy Ford, director of The DAS Forum    

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