Cheytec Telecommunications joins the HetNet Forum

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Cheytec Telecommunications recently joined the HetNet Forum. The company delivers turnkey LTE solutions to property owners with multiple operator support that drive value for building owners, enterprises, and the wireless operators.

Its Value-Add to Building Owners is Capital investments for LTE coverage made by the building owner enable increased cash flows, higher valuations for property portfolios and additional revenue sources.

Its Value-Add for Operators is that they can extend their indoor coverage and densify their networks and enable the property owner to monetize their investment.

 Cheytec enables this opportunity in the following ways:

  • Purchase and distribution agreements with Nokia and Ericsson for their entire product portfolios

  • Agreements with Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile to bring their spectrum into buildings

  • Growing portfolio of 5,000+ properties in inventory that are available for capital improvements in 90 days or less
  • Highly developed partner network for delivery

  • Capital contribution model that, for the first time, allows the building owner to invest in a turnkey LTE system to prioritize and take control of the cellular connectivity used in their properties


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