Checklist for an RFP for In-building DAS deployment

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I just returned from  ACUTA's annual conference. ACUTA represents the ICT professionals in the higher-education space. They are witnessing so many changes now as their students and faculty use wireless communications to connect with each other, their schedules and their content. More higher education institutions, healthcare facilities, hospitality venues and commercial building owners are realizing they need better indoor wireless coverage, both for commercial cellular service and public safety systems. A Distributed Antenna System can be a good fit to bring wireless services closer to the end user, both inside and outdoors. Often, business and venue owners want to issue a Request for Proposal, or a Request for Information to compare information from various vendors. However, DAS designs and installments are complex and business owners might not understand that complexity when issuing an RFP. As such, The DAS Forum has put together a checklist of items to consider when building an RFP for a DAS. To request the whitepaper, please contact Tracy Ford, Director of The DAS Forum, via email atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please write RFP Checklist in the subject line and provide your name, title, company, e-mail and telephone contact information in the body of the e-mail. Click here to see the introduction of the whitepaper and the topics covered in it. Thanks -- Tracy Ford, Director, The DAS Forum

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