Supplier Diversity Summit

May 22 at Connectivity Expo, Orlando

Connecting Diverse Companies with Wireless Business Opportunities

The Supplier Diversity Summit is dedicated to connect a more diverse group of businesses to major wireless companies and to facilitate productive discussions focused on the role diversity plays in the wireless infrastructure industry.

Procurement officials from major wireless companies will be onsite at the event for one-on-one meetings with attendees. 2018 meeting hosts included American Tower, Crown Castle, InSite Wireless Group, SBA Communications, and Verizon.

OnGo/CBRS Partner Program at Connect (X)

May 20, 2019


This comprehensive workshop produced by the CBRS Alliance provides a deep-dive for business professionals from all industry sectors to examine the business models and underlying technology framework powering OnGo, the next generation standard in Private LTE and Private IoT networks.

Attendees will learn from a set of thought-leaders from the CBRS Alliance, its leading member companies and a select team of end-users, all of whom will on stage at Connect (X) to detail their use cases, early deployment experiences and technology ‘take-aways’ that differentiate OnGo from other networking protocols.